Artist Promotion

UKDCM under the O.G. Group Fashion & Business Enterprise offers business promotional / development services to any business. Though we focus our services on Music Artists, Dance Groups, DJ’s, Music Award shows and Festivals (anyone/group involved within the “INDUSTRY – Music, Film and Fashion).

We have it all in-house why look around for alternatives! If you are an artist / manager or belong to an independent/main stream record label then we have all that you need.

The following are products and services we provide:

  • O.G. Clothing Co. Sponsorship – free / discounted garments
  • Dual branding with O.G. Clothing Co.
  • Merchandise services (to sell at tours,concerts and online)
  • Artitst Branded Mercandise;Snapback caps, T-shirts, Hoodies,Sweats etc with branded neck labeling and tags
  • T-shirt/ garment printing UK service for low quantity and quick turn around. (See our T-shirt printing section of this website for full details)
  • Offshore manufacturing services: Hooded tops, Sweat shirts Caps, Hats, belts, ties and literally any garment or accessory can be designed, created and manufactured. (See our offshore garment and accessory manufacturing sections of this website for full details)
  • Paper and card printing services
  • Graphic Design
  • Website design and development

Other Services
Through our partners we also offer photography & videography, please contact us for more details.