Consultation Services

We offer consultation services in a number of ways:

1) Any business or individual who wishes to set up a business in the commercial fashion / print world. Or if they simply wish to ‘Design Create and Manufacture’ apparel or accessory merchandise / promotional giveaways for marketing purposes. For example a successful gym or dance company who wish to diversify from their everyday business into fashion and merchandise.



After all merchandise is the only way you can get mass exposure and free advertising whilst making a profit at the same time as long as the right factors are applied. We can offer consultation for companies who wish to develop their fashion collection to promotional merchandise. We give full advice where such services can be sourced.


2) Help generically any business to brand them-selves (perfect for start-up businesses), correct marketing is essential for any business, the right logo, slogan, designed business stationery, flyers, (e-flyers), leaflets, promotional merchandise and web solutions etc are essential for any business.

After our consultation is completed ‘if the client wishes’ to take further services to develop goods then we will give a discounted rate for production of goods and services.


Consultation is very important as a 3rd party expert looking into the business and how the business can expand or improve upon its current businesses. Consultation if planned and applied correctly will allow any company to (re) develop any business marketing planning and or product merchandise. This can lead to increased revenue and in the right cases this can lead to a diversification that leads into a diversified busiesss that creates more revenue than the original business. For example Pineapple studios.


(Apply within the M25 region, outside this region there would be an additional costs in travelling)

Half Day up to 3.5 hours = £499

Full day up to 7 hours (not including 1 hour for lunch) = £899