Fashion Design

Fashion Design

Fashion Graphic design is our central passion, as we design create and manufacture all our own products and (services). We offer graphic design services for fashion and print designing for our "industry" based clients.

Whether it's just a fashion line of T-shirts / Hooded Tops, Jeans, Jackets to Head wear etc we can design create and manufacture the whole thing from start to finish. 

It all starts with the Fashion graphical design of the intended items that will get turned into an illustrated specification showing back and front. Other parts of the specification will outline the design of garment, colours, accessories, labels, tags and measurement size charts. This acts as a blue print for our tailors, pattern makers and factories to work from and follow.

As printers we can also offer Print designs for our clients to go on the garments too. Unlike other graphic designers who normally do not understand commercial fashion/ printing they may have issues as they can design but they tend not to understand what can be designed and printed onto different fabrics using different print techniques. We are experts in      this field and therefore we can offer the best guidance in order our clients get the best end result, which is their line of fashion or merchandise which we also manufacture directly too.

Fashion Graphic Design Services

£30 / hour
Discounted / Free if product or service is at a minimum order value and or is combined with a manufacturing order, this
varies for different products and services. Contact us for details!

Any questions or queries on the above services please do not hesitate to contact us.