Garment Manufacturing

UK DCM garments and produced in the following countries: UK, USA, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain and within Eastern Europe.


Each production plant specialises in a vast range of man made and natural fabrics. These fabrics are researched and developed to create various garments.

Our extensive supply network allows us to source a varied product range adaptable to most markets and industries. 


We specialise in the following type of material

Materials come in different GSM, weights, finishes and stitching. 
Our fabrics can be produced with various treatments, colours and patterns. We can provide various constructions in the make up of the garments, which is all dependent on client’s request.
Note: We can also supply coloured or patterned fabric in accordance to customer specifications.

We can assist you to design your own unique style of garment or range of garment. We aim to provide our clients with comprehensive manufacturing solution from initial design ideas to the finished garments.

Garments can be personalised to incorporate your company logo emblem, print and labelling.